Australia to launch its pilot test for CBDC in 2023

The Reserve Bank of Australia started the project in June this year for the creation of its CBDC. Pilot tests will end in mid-2023

Australia estimates to complete the pilot tests for the launch of its own CBDC in 2023. This has been indicated by the authorities of the country’s Reserve Bank.

The RBA recently published the white paper for this project of its own central bank digital currency, CBDC. With this, they are even closer to nations such as Switzerland, France or China, which have advanced in this field.

Australia, following the regulatory guidelines in the cryptocurrency scenario, seeks to provide its citizens with innovative solutions through the eAUD digital currency.

Among the country’s objectives in this matter is to identify possible business models to adapt in the territory, as well as the consolidation of digital finance, minimizing risks and enhancing benefits.

According to the RBA, industry players will be able to help by giving their opinions and making suggestions relevant to this project with the CBDC tentatively called eAUD. Australia is expected to close the pilot platform in April of next year, and the results and conclusions of the project will be published in the middle of the year.


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