Argentina leads the creation of the Ibero-American Blockchain and Cybersecurity Network

The National Technological University promoted this initiative, in the city of Córdoba in order to promote cybersecurity mechanisms

In Argentina, the Ibero-American Blockchain and Cybersecurity Network (RIBCi) was inaugurated, a pioneering initiative that emerged in the city of Córdoba and is coordinated by the National Technological University (Córdoba Regional Faculty). The network has the participation of 13 research groups and four chambers from eight Ibero-American countries.

The RIBCi’s main objective is to promote research, training and collaboration in events related to Blockchain and cybersecurity, two topics of great relevance today and of interest to industries and academic development at a local level, with a significant global impact.

During the launch of the network, various talks and a master class open to the public were held, where knowledge and experiences related to Blockchain and cybersecurity at the Ibero-American level were exchanged. In addition, the first General Assembly of the Network was held, in which the founding act was signed and the statute of the organization was approved.

The event was attended by the Minister of Science and Technology, Pablo De Chiara, and Oscar Medina, coordinator of the RIBCi, as well as representatives of eight Ibero-American countries, who participated both in person and online.

During his speech, De Chiara expressed his gratitude to all those who made possible the creation and coordination of the network in the city of Córdoba. He highlighted the collaborative innovation approach that has been fundamental in network management, highlighting the need to accelerate technological adoption and professional training processes to meet the demands of the productive sectors. He also stressed the importance of collaboration between science, technology and international perspective to carry out joint projects.

The minister highlighted the promising future of the RIBCi and affirmed his conviction that the work of the network will be of great importance, anticipating the incorporation of new actors and projects in the near future.

K. Tovar

Source: Cointelegraph

(Reference image source: Unsplash+)

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