Applications for cars based on blockchain

The first to join the initiative were General Motors, BMW, Renault, Robert Bosch, ZF Friedrichshafen and IBM

Major manufacturers of the automotive industry recently joined forces to implement a strategy called Mobility Open Blockchain. It is a consortium between companies in the automotive industry and technology oriented to the application of blockchains to mobility.

The first members of this union are General Motors, BMW, Renault, Robert Bosch, ZF Friedrichshafen and IBM. They seek to create applications of practical use at the time of making transactions, payments at tolls, recharging electric vehicles and the creation of a public registry to locate cars and parts, as well as knowing and monetizing consumer data.

The operation of this initiative will be based on the assignment of a digital identity to the vehicles when leaving the assembly line in order to access the blockchain that executes mobility services.

In this process, the IBM blockchain, Car eWallet, stands out. It allows parking and tolls payment, authorization of third occupant as well as transparent and reliable car sales.


Source: Motorpassion

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