Apple could be violating its privacy policy

The company, according to developers of the iOS system, would be violating its own privacy policy in the App Store

Two developers of the iOS operating system assured after an investigation that the App Store records and stores the personal data of users, which allows their identification, which is later sent to the brand, thus violating Apple’s privacy terms.

The company has a function called “Device and privacy analysis“, which it claims to ensure the protection of user account information, so that users can choose what they want to share and indicates that all information is collected, and it is treated in accordance with Apple’s privacy policy.

Thus, iOS Device Analysis follows the permissions of users, that is, they must explicitly consent to provide the information that this functionality collects, such as hardware and operating system specifications, performance statistics or data about the use of devices and applications.

Recently, an investigation by iOS application developers and security researchers from the Mysk firm, which reveals some of the brand’s news on Twitter and through a dedicated account, has explained that the company’s analytical data includes a nomenclature capable of to identify each user.

It is “dsdl” that is, a directory services identifier, which classifies each iCloud account and associates it with a specific user. In this sense, the developers have pointed out that Apple collects information from iPhone owners despite the fact that its privacy statement indicates otherwise.

“The information collected does not identify your personal data is not recorded, is subject to privacy protection techniques or reports are removed before being sent to Apple”, can be read in the Legal Information section of the manufacturer.

K. Tovar

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Source: La Nación

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