Apple blocked 1.7 million requests in the App Store in 2022

The company revealed a report from the year 2022, where it received some 6,101,913 application requests

Apple reviewed a total of 6,101,913 application requests to enter the App Store in the past year 2022, of which it rejected 1,679,694 for not complying with some of the guidelines that the company maintains to guarantee security and content standards. on the platform.

The Tim Cook-led company first published its 2022 App Store Transparency Report, showing data collected about how it operates on its app store in the 175 countries and regions where it is available. In addition, as he points out, this data highlights his efforts to “help keep the App Store a safe and trustworthy place”.

Likewise, Apple moved that, in order to create “a great experience for customers and developers”, the company reviews each application to verify that it complies with the application store review guidelines and, in this way, ensure that it maintains “the highest privacy, security and content standards“.

In this sense, the company pointed out that during 2022 the App Store registered a total of 1,783,232 applications available to users. However, it reviewed 6,101,913 applications for applications with possibilities to enter the store, of which it rejected 1,679,694 for not complying with any of the App Store guidelines.

Specifically, 92,598 apps were rejected for not meeting security guidelines, 1,018,415 were denied for lack of performance, 212,464 for design, and 441,972 of the app requests were not accepted for legal reasons. However, after the rejection of these applications, 253,466 were subsequently accepted.

On the other hand, Apple said it removed 186,195 apps during 2022. Among these removed apps, 38,883 were games, 20,045 were utility apps, 16,997 were business, 16,509 were education, 11,757 were entertainment, and 8,317 were food and drink.

K. Tovar

Source: Notiamerica

(Reference image source: Yingchih, Unsplash)

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