Amazon will allow payments with the Paypal Venmo application

The e-commerce giant announced that from 2022 it will accept the cancellation of its invoices through the app and a great growth is estimated for the platform

The mobile applications that allow payments to be made in the different businesses in the market each day acquire more popularity and importance due to the flexibility, practicality and speed in financial transactions.

In Spain, the most common payment application through mobile devices is Bizun, which has become a national benchmark. However, there are several easily applicable alternatives.

PayPal is one of the oldest payment services and one of its Venmo applications could undergo a great transformation in the market, after the decision that Amazon has just taken.

The e-commerce company will accept that its customers can make their payments through this app mobile since “its system linked to the users’ bank account complies with security standards”.

Despite having been working on the payment process for a few months, some doubts and details still persist, such as whether “independent and total payment will be accepted with Venmo or whether customers will be required to integrate their Venmo accounts into the Amazon wallet.”

What is clear is the impact that this measure represents for the app, meaning a significant growth throughout the United States, where it will apply at first, and the promise of a projection towards other countries.

This measure is positive for Amazon because it shows the intention of the organization to adapt to the new realities of the market, modifying and accepting the new payment systems, which gives cryptocurrency investors hope about the possibility to cancel the e-commerce giant with crypto assets.

With such decisions, regardless of the platform that is used, what is evident is that mobile applications are here to stay and their growing acceptance in shops and in people’s daily lives.

M. Rodríguez


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