Abu Dhabi will control port logistics with blockchain technology

Abu Dhabi Ports seeks to reduce paperwork in addition to accelerating the exchange of information

Maqta Gateway LLC, the subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports, announced the design and launching of a platform based on blockchain technology that will allow the country to control the logistics of ports efficiently, without waste of time due to bureaucratic paperwork.

The platform has been called Silsal and in its initial stage will be available for freight forwarders and customers in the country. Its extension to the rest of the commercial actors will be done under the modality of complementary tool.

With the development and adoption of Silsal, Abu Dhabi Ports expects to significantly reduce the procedures involved in port logistics, in a transparent and efficient manner, in addition to accelerating the exchange of information.

The Digital Innovation Laboratory of Maqta Gateway was in charge of this tool with which the country seeks to position itself at the top of the maritime transit market. But this is not the only laboratory innovation, since they already have their own identity system to encrypt transport documents.

The expectations of the maritime authorities of Abu Dhabi, as well as of the governmental entities involved in this sector of the industry are positive. They focus on the aspects related to cyber security, so they will eliminate access through passwords.


Source: Cointelegraph

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