Digital purchases booming in the United States

A recent survey carried out by the US agency Adtaxi determined that the trend of the public is to online shopping

The fastest growing digital agency in the United States, Adtaxi, recently conducted a survey to learn about consumer trends in terms of purchases through Internet. The result is a considerable increase in online purchases in all segments.

According to the results obtained, there is a tendency for purchases exclusively through mobile devices, digital applications, to reach a percentage of 52%. Clients receive recommendations from intelligent assistants for items such as clothing, shoes and electronic devices.

Google Home and Alexa of Amazon are some of the resources that customers count on for their digital purchases, despite some negative opinions regarding privacy and the handling of personal data.

It is important to note that the American customers have strong advertising campaigns that head consumptions patterns, but this is part of the culture of the country. The traditional media join social networks with high penetration.

In any case, the trend towards exclusively online purchases is maintained thanks to the clients seeking mechanisms that provide them with greater efficiency, speed and forms of payment tailored to each customer.


Source: Fast Company

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