5G technology will boost the development of Latin America

Huawei's Director of Strategy and Marketing stressed that the use of 5G will drive improvements in the region

The director of Strategy and Marketing at Huawei Latin America, Saldaña Otero, affirmed that the use of 5G technology will take off the development of the region.

Clear examples of this are Brazil and Mexico, which have so far made significant progress in this coverage, as indicated by the director during the LATAM ICT 2022 Congress.

“Access to technology is helping economic development and we are fervent believers that technology is going to help the general development of the population. We see it in terms of the digital economy that is developing based on this technology,” Otero said.

The director of Huawei expects that by the year 2025, the digital economy will reach a value of 23 trillion dollars worldwide.

“Although we are in a phase of incipient deployment of the technology, what we are going to see in the very near future is the rapid adoption of 5G and the proliferation of different use cases in different industries”, added Otero.

K. Tovar

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Source: Descifrado

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