Bancamiga held a digital sales workshop for community entrepreneurs

The goal with this training course is that they can make their business a way of life, stated the Director of Social Responsibility of Bancamiga, Milagro González

Sales are the engine of any business because it encourages potential customers to make a purchase. As part of the Social Responsibility strategy, Bancamiga Banco Universal held a workshop on channel sales and digital marketing for more than 40 community entrepreneurs.

The San Miguel Arcángel de El Cementerio Church, in Caracas, served as a stage for dozens of women from the communities of El Cementerio, Barrio el 70 de El Valle and Cota 905, who carry out the “Medios de vida” project, from the CESAP Social Group, who received tools to market and promote their ventures in an increasingly digital era.

The Director of Social Responsibility, Milagro González, expressed that the north of Bancamiga with this training course aimed at community entrepreneurs in vulnerable sectors is to make their business a way of life.

“With this workshop led by Banauge and CESAP, two recognized and prestigious organizations in the area of ​​entrepreneurship, we are giving them the strategies they need to enrich their business and make it sustainable over time. At Bancamiga we are aware that strategic alliances are more than necessary to work with great social sense”, he said.

And it is that with its Social Responsibility program that has entrepreneurship as its strategic axis, Bancamiga carries out several projects to promote the growth of the sector, with training as a differentiating element. Together with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Aprendo y Emprendo organization and the CESAP Social Group reaffirm the importance of training, so that entrepreneurs can have the necessary tools for their initiatives to be sustainable in time.

Seed capital to size projects

Luis Moreno, executive president of Banauge, a civil association that is part of the CESAP Social Group dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and microfinance, thanked the invitation and extended his congratulations to all the entrepreneurs who opted to be part of this project.

“You are the seed capital capable of sizing projects with all the advice and training you need to develop your business plan or plans. I am firmly convinced that they will make the most of this great opportunity”, he stated.

The first presentation was given by Ángel Ramírez, sales advisor and digital entrepreneur, who addressed topics related to sales through digital channels and the challenges of the entrepreneur in an increasingly changing era.

Mileydis Valera, entrepreneur and business advisor, spoke about the various ways to generate income through the resources offered by social networks and how to improve the marketing of each product.

During each conference, the entrepreneurs were participatory and eager for information that had a positive impact on the methodology of their business. In this way, Bancamiga remains committed to the country in order to promote economic activity as a way of life.

With information from Bancamiga

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