Xiaomi works to incorporate a camera under the screen

The Asian technology company prepared a solution in the control of a group of pixels that will be located in a strategic place

Xiaomi prepared a solution based on the control of a group of pixels to integrate the camera under the mobile phone screen effectively, which would eliminate the resource of the notch to house the front camera.

The screen designs that occupy the entire front of the device deployed different attempts to keep the front camera without taking up space or hindering the use of the screen. Thus, the market has notched designs, the perforated chamber or even with the resource a retractable module.

Oppo presented in June its solution for the full screen, which goes through an integrated camera under the screen, a type of solution in which Xiaomi also works, judging by its latest patent made public.

The Xiaomi solution shows a set of controllable pixels, located on the screen panel, above the camera, which is under the screen. These pixels remain active while using the screen and when the user wants to use the front camera, they are deactivated to let light through the screen to the camera.

K. Tovar

Source: Android4All

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