3D printing applied on homebuilding

The designer Yves Béhar, founder of the design studio Fuseproject, developed the New Story project for the construction of houses printed in 3D in an area of ​​Latin America

Millions of people around the world face the need of a house. The New Strory project by designer Yves Béhar seeks to offer an alternative with houses printed in 3D.

The founder of the design studio Fuseproject unveiled his plan to help a community of palm farmers and weavers from a depressed locality not yet revealed in Latin America.

The study, a non-profit foundation, is dedicated to “finding solutions for the homeless, along with the ICON housing construction technology company.” Béhar is concentrated in the first neighborhood of houses printed in 3D for people living with incomes below $ 200 per month.

The designer believes that new technologies can offer solutions to the most needy. They are ready to begin the construction of the first shelters for multigenerational groups, with a base of 120 square meters, “interiors of 55 square meters, including a covered kitchen and dining room, outdoors and gardens for the maintenance of chickens.”

Thanks to the interior design, with curved walls, cleaning will be easier and the likelihood of mold growth will be reduced. It is important to highlight that the implements of the kitchen and the bathroom, in addition to the seats and shelves will also be processed with 3D printers.


Source: ResonWhy.es

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