With Bancamiga, the taxes of the Libertador-Caracas mayor’s office are also paid

Clients will also be able to pay from now on the taxes of the municipalities of the Gran Sabana and Angostura del Orinoco (Bolívar)

Through Bancamiga Online or the Bancamiga Suite application, Bancamiga Banco Universal customers can now pay taxes and tributes from the mayor’s office of Libertador (Caracas), Gran Sabana and Angostura del Orinoco (Bolívar state).

Through a statement from the financial services institution, the executive president of Bancamiga, Ariel José Martínez, stated that “compliance with these obligations with Bancamiga is very easy due to its robust technological platform, which has a friendly and easy-to-use interface. , which allows you to cancel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year”.

To make the payment, you only have to go to Bancamiga en Línea or Bancamiga Suite, go to the Public Organizations/City Halls option and make the payment.

In addition to Libertador (Caracas) and Gran Sabana and Angostura del Orinoco (Bolívar), customers can pay taxes from the municipalities of Sucre, Baruta, El Hatillo, Vargas (La Guaira), Girardot (Aragua), Caroní (Bolívar) and Simón Rodríguez (El Tigre).

Likewise, in Bancamiga Online and in Bancamiga Suite Ordinary and Special Taxpayers can also pay VAT, VAT withholdings, advances of ISLR, ISLR, ISLR withholdings, IGTF, among others. Likewise, the procedures of the Autonomous Service of Registries and Notaries (SAREN), and the obligations associated with SUNAGRO.

Simpler and more innovative processes at Bancamiga

Martínez said that for Bancamiga it is essential to facilitate these procedures for its clients, with the main characteristic being that they can carry them out at any time from the comfort of their home.

With the incorporation of the municipalities of Libertador (Caracas), Gran Sabana and Angostura del Orinoco, Bancamiga is once again consolidated in the financial system as a bank that responds to the needs of its customers, with high standards and quality of service that makes that the processes are simpler and more innovative for natural and legal persons.

With information from Bancamiga


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