Amazon pays $ 10 to users who register the palm of their hand

The e-commerce giant wants more customers to use its biometric system and launched a new promotion for new users

Up to $ 10 Amazon will pay new customers who want to register their hand through Amazon One, the biometric scanner system that allows you to make purchases very quickly without the need for a payment device.

This system was implemented in stores in the United States and is capable of detecting palm patterns, such as fingerprints or veins, in order to associate them with a previously registered credit card.

The registration procedure is simple. The user only has to register by pairing his credit card with the palm of his hand and thus for the next purchase he will only have to scan the hand and the system will automatically match the data with the credit card for the payment. Customers do not necessarily need to have an Amazon account to use this method.

Currently, the e-commerce giant launched a new promotion that consists of giving away a credit of 10 dollars for all new users with the condition of registering in Amazon One and synchronizing their Amazon account and once the user is matched, the user will be able to see their purchase history from the app or through the web and you will also receive promotions, advertising and offers.

The company, through the support page, guarantees that the information collected is managed anonymously. While the bank details and the data necessary to make payments are stored in an encrypted way in the cloud. The company also allows users to unsubscribe from this payment method at any time, as long as they have no pending payments.

M. Rodríguez


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