WhatsApp will send photos with original quality

The messaging platform announced that it is working on a function that will allow images to be sent with their original quality

WhatsApp is implementing an option that allows you to send uncompressed photos. That is, preserving their original quality, which is already available in the latest beta version for Android.

The instant messaging platform has been rolling out new features in its latest beta updates for Android, such as the option to share voice notes in status updates or a new way to migrate chat history with a QR code.

As for sending photos, WhatsApp already installed an option to send HD photos in the beta version for Android This option is activated through a settings function that allows you to configure the quality of the photos between automatic, better quality and data saving. However, the ‘best quality’ option continued to compress the photos, preventing them from being sent in their original quality.

Now, WhatsApp finally plans to allow users to send photos in their original quality, as verified in the recent beta update for Android, as reported by various portals. This feature has been integrated into a new settings icon located within the tools’ header that appears when you are about to send a photo.

By clicking on this icon, users will be able to choose the quality of any photo, being able to select the option to send photos in their original quality.

Source: dpa

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