WhatsApp now requests the age of users

The WhatsApp messaging platform requests the complete date of birth in its new update, without being able to modify the data later

The WhatsApp messaging platform has been updated and with it a new requirement is imposed on users: the full date of birth.

These data will allow us to verify that users meet the stipulated minimum age. According to the announcement about this measure, people must indicate the day, month and year of birth and there will be no possibility of modifying it later.

This request seeks to comply with “US legislation that requires applications to verify the age of their users.” It is the main reference known about Meta’s decision in this regard.

Among the details of this announcement, it was learned that the date of birth data can only be entered once and will not be seen by other users.


Source: iproup

(Reference image source: Dimitri Karastelev in Unsplash)

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