Whatsapp groups now allow you to send 2GB files

The instant messaging application recently included the possibility of sharing files with considerable weight

WhatsApp implemented an improvement in its messaging application by which it now allows you to upload files of up to 2GB to share them through chats, which joins the arrival of reactions to messages with emojis.

The technology company began a test in Argentina at the end of March, with which it allowed users in this country to send and receive files of up to 2GB, a leap from the 100MB limit that it allowed then.

A couple of weeks later, Meta shared its work in what it has called the Communities, and together with this its intention to extend the extension of the file limit to the rest of the user within the next news for the groups.

The groups already allow the sending and receiving of files of up to 2GB at one time, “and with the protection of end-to-end encryption”, the company said in a statement.

Another novelty that reaches the group chats are the reactions to the messages, whose implementation was advanced by the executive director of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg. WhatsApp has also indicated that it is working on expanding the limit of people who can participate in a group chat, so that it amounts to 512.

K. Tovar

Source: Xataka

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