Venezuelan casino will accept cryptocurrencies

Casino Las Vegas will accept payments with digital assets thanks to the support of the CoinCoinx exchange house and Dash crypto

Casino Las Vegas, located on Isla de Margarita (Venezuela), recently began accepting cryptocurrency payments for the enjoyment of its activities.

This new payment method is possible thanks to the union of the Dash cryptocurrency together with the Venezuelan exchange house CoinCoinx.

The Global Director of Business Development for Dash, Ernesto Contreras, assured that this type of play allows it to access recreation and leisure spaces, which they consider to be a “goal accomplished.”

“Bringing the usability of Dash to spaces and businesses that allow us to access recreation and leisure is a goal accomplished for us. Dash, as a cryptocurrency, seeks to support both merchants and users in Venezuela and other countries. That is why I feel special pride in being part of the projects that are developed in my country, together with teams that bring value alternatives, that improve and facilitate payment methods and access to multiple services through cryptocurrencies”, said Contreras.

Bingo Las Vegas was founded more than 16 years ago on Avenida 4 de Mayo, the financial and tourist heart of Isla de Margarita, as part of the offer to attract national and international tourists to the island, considering that currently tourism constitutes the main source of income for the regional economy.

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