Venezuela to strengthen the financial system

The executive vice-presidency continues to develop working groups with the public and private banking sector in order to strengthen the Venezuelan financial system

The executive Vice Presidency of Venezuela, headed by Delcy Rodríguez, is holding workshops with the public and private banking sector in order to strengthen the country’s financial and economic system, within the framework of the Economic Recovery, Growth and Prosperity plan. of Venezuela announced by the President of the Republic.

The recovery plan is made up of different economic axes such as: “the promotion of the digital economy, the existence of currencies, promoting and supporting ventures, commercial activities, updating benefits, services and products through digital banking and opening the compass of attention” in order to provide greater access to financial services to all citizens.

The institutions and organizations involved in the dialogue workshops are the “superintendence of the banking sector, the Central Bank of Venezuela, the Vice Minister of Digital Economy, Banking, Insurance and Securities, and the representatives of the Venezuelan banking union.”

The six sectors vice-presidents that make up the national Executive power also held a meeting with the purpose of contrasting and monitoring the public policies that have been applied in the different sectors of the country’s economy and planning the actions that will be carried out during the 2022.

M. Rodríguez


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