Venezuela invites the BRICS+ group to the July 28 elections

The proposal was made to Russia, the country that presides over the BRICS+, by the Vice Minister for Latin America, Rander Peña, so that the group accompanies the electoral process in Venezuela on July 28

The BRICS+ bloc was invited to the presidential electoral process in Venezuela on July 28, through a proposal to Russia by the Vice Minister for Latin America, Rander Peña.

During the Central Plenary of the International Forum of Political Parties of the BRICS+ Countries, held in Vladivostok, Russia, the Venezuelan official made the invitation to the July 28 elections. Peña expressed: “We propose to the presidency of the BRICS+ countries (Russia) that they can accompany the elections on July 28, extending to all the political parties that make up the bloc.”

During the forum, he emphasized the group’s trust in the Venezuelan people, “just as it is recognizing the policies of President Nicolás Maduro.”

He highlighted the South American country’s interest in being part of the BRICS+, a bloc that plays a crucial role on the global stage, particularly in the process of de-dollarization of economies.


Source: ultimasnoticias

(Reference image source: @ElUniversal, X)

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