Venezuela hopes to double exports to Vietnam this year

During 2022 and early 2023, exports to Vietnam increased to 54 million dollars, according to Oswaldo Hernández, president of the Venezuelan-Vietnamese Chamber

During 2022 and the beginning of 2023, exports from Venezuela to Vietnam reached 54 million dollars. This was recently announced by the president of the Venezuelan-Vietnamese Chamber, Oswaldo Hernández, who assured that they hope to double that figure by the end of this year.

Exports from the Caribbean country to Vietnam are mainly concentrated in agricultural products, a priority segment for global food sustainability.

Hernández commented in an interview with the Unión Radio Circuit that Venezuelan products “enter Vietnam with a 23% tariff charge, so they are working to standardize it and bring it up to 5%.”

According to the president of the Venezuelan-Vietnamese Chamber: “We are going to turn Venezuela into an agricultural export emporium for Vietnam at the level of green mung beans. That is a proposal that we have shared with Venezuelan agricultural producers.”

On the other hand, he announced that they are working to achieve the opening of cargo flights that allow imports from Vietnam.



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