Unemployment rate in United Kingdom increased

The latest indicators show that, between April and June, the numbers in terms of "joblessness" stood at 3.9%

The UK unemployment rate stood at 3.9% between April and June, one tenth below the level recorded a year earlier, which amounts to a total of 1.33 million unemployed, an annual decline of 33,000 people, according to data from the National Statistical Office (ONS).

The female unemployment rate fell in the second quarter to a record low of 3.6%, while male unemployment stood at 4.1%.

Of the 1.33 million unemployed in the United Kingdom, about 793,000 had been unemployed for one to six months, while the long-term unemployed totaled 342,000.

“Employment continues to grow, with three quarters of this year’s increase corresponding to more women working,” said Matt Hughes, head of labor market statistics at ONS.

On the other hand, the employment rate in the United Kingdom between April and June remained at the record level since 1971 of 76.1%, with 32.81 million employed, an annual increase of 425,000 people.

The employment rate among women stood at 72.1%, the highest since 1971, while among men it was 80.1%.

The weekly income reached 505 pounds in nominal terms and 469 pounds in real data, which is 0.8% less than the real 473 pounds of the maximum reached before the crisis, in April 2008.

In this way, the average weekly compensation of the British grew by 3.7% and 3.9% without taking into account the bonuses.

“Regardless of the bonuses, real wages are growing at their fastest pace in almost four years, although compensation levels have not yet returned to their maximums before the crisis,” said Matt Hughes.


K. Tovar

Source: Invertia

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