Ukraine to restore works of art with NFT

The Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Politics has so far raised about $1.3 million worth of ethereum

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine assured that all profits made from trading non-fungible tokens (NFT) will be used for the restoration of works and monuments in the country.

In a few months, the Meta History War Museum raised $1.3 million in ethereum, from the initiative that began after the conflict with Russia.

Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko assured that “in the six months that the war has lasted in Ukraine, the Russians have destroyed hundreds of our museums, theaters and cultural institutions. Ukrainian culture and national heritage have been damaged by almost 6,000 million dollars, and judging by the actions and intentions of the Russian Federation, this figure will only increase.”

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Fedorov Mykhailo had initially revealed the country’s plans to launch a NFT series to raise money for the national army in early March. The plans arose after the government canceled an anticipated airdrop program among cryptocurrency donors.

K. Tovar

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Source: dpa

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