Twitter CEO activated his own bitcoin node

Jack Dorsey published a screenshot where he shows the node that is running on his computer

This February 5, the billionaire of the Twitter technology platform, Jack Dorsey, announced the activation of his own bitcoin node, which he runs from his computer.

In the publication it could be read: “running bitcoin” next to the capture that only showed 2 % of what corresponds to the synchronization in the block chain, until now.

The businessman explained that the execution is carried out by the configuration of the node using a Macbook M1 chip, the last in the line of processors for Apple laptops and before this he tweeted: “starting from scratch to build in M1 first.”

Bitcoin nodes differ from miners in that they do not compete for a share of the block rewards. Indeed, each node hosts another immutable copy of the blockchain network, which helps to bring more overall security to the network.

According to recent data, the number of full bitcoin nodes in operation has fluctuated lately, reaching between 7,000 and 11,000.


Source:  Cointelegraph

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