TikTok will include a “retweet” style button

The Chinese social network is working to include a "retweet" style button, which will seek to share content that has already been published

TikTok is testing a new button called Repost, which would function as Twitter’s “retweet”, allowing users to republish content that is already on the platform and share it with their followers.

This is an option that the social media consultant Matt Navarra announced a few days ago with an image published on Twitter showing this button and that TechCrunch has now reported in greater detail.

According to this medium, this tool is found in the “Share” menu, and it would be destined to the personalized feed For you, in which a series of videos selected according to the user’s preferences appears.

That is where the difference lies with the retweet button since, instead of republishing a video on the TikTok profile itself, it is sent to the aforementioned For you of the users who follow each other.

In addition, this button, which is presented in white on a yellow background, is only available in the videos that the user finds when he is browsing his own personal ‘feed’.

This tool could increase the visibility of the videos recommended by the algorithm in the For you space and, according to TechCrunch, could encourage more passive users to participate in the platform.

The ‘Repost’ button is in the testing phase, as confirmed by the social network, and only some users have had the opportunity to test it. It is unknown if and when it will spread to the rest of the TikTok community.

Source: dpa

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