TikTok will allow tip payments for content creators

The Chinese social network is working on a new function that will allow users to donate money

TikTok allows users of its platform to make payments to creators who follow during live shows but is working on extending this function so that it is also possible to give ‘tips’ from profiles.

The company is conducting a limited trial with a small group of creators, as reported by various content creators to different digital media.

The trial is available to creators with at least 100,000 followers and a healthy account. Participants see a new button on their profile for “tips”, which allows other users to make direct payments.

Creators are paid in full, which means that TikTok does not keep a percentage of this transaction, at least during testing.

With this trial, Tiktok expands the payments feature that is currently available during live broadcasts. The tip button in the profile would resemble the one Twitter has incorporated globally in iOS.

K. Tovar

Source: Semana

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