TikTok launches tool to create augmented reality effects

The feature called Effect House, in beta, allows TikTok creators to bring their own camera effects to life for use by other users in their videos

TikTok is beginning to make available to all platform users a tool for creating augmented reality (AR) effects, which until now could only be found in a closed beta version.

This is a feature called Effect House, which allows creators on the platform to create their own camera effects for other users to use in their own videos as if it were a template.

This feature has been in closed beta since last August and has since been opened up to creators, designers, and developers around the world, the company explained in a statement.

According to figures provided by the Chinese company, to date, more than 450 creators have posted effects on TikTok and inspired the creation of more than 1.5 billion videos, generating more than 600 billion views worldwide.

This would indicate that, with the introduction of Effect House, creators could be encouraged to develop templates based on augmented reality to add plug-ins to videos and images.

TikTok adds new templates

As can be seen in a screenshot shared by TikTok in its Press Center, some of the recommended templates are ‘Hand gestures’, ‘Clothing tests’, ‘3D face mask’, and ‘Modify the face’, which identifies with a level, either beginner or intermediate.

In order for users to know the authorship of these effects, TikTok will link them to the accounts of their creators. That way, when you record a video, you’ll see your name linked below the template title.

On the other hand, TikTok has stressed that it focuses its efforts on fostering “a safe, authentic and inclusive environment” so that its community can both create and interact with these effects. In this way, it has added a section that specifies the regulations of this tool and in which the use policies are described, in addition to the Community Norms.

Respect for the conditions of use

TikTok does not allow effects that promote discrimination or negative stereotypes against certain groups, nor those that refer to cosmetic surgery, such as lip fillers, or encourage scrutiny of someone’s appearance in this post.

It has indicated that all the effects sent will be reviewed by the Trust & Safety team before being shared with the rest of the community, with the aim of ensuring that they respect the rules and conditions of use.

However, it has encouraged users to report those that they believe do not comply with the community standards and, if it is determined that they do not comply with them, both the effect and the videos that contain it will be removed.

Source: dpa

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