The number of crypto mobile wallet users increases to 28 million

According to figures from the State of Cryptocurrency Index, the number of cryptocurrency mobile wallet users has reached 28 million, with MetaMask Mobile, CoinbaseWallet and TrustWallet leading the market

Crypto wallet expert Daren Matsuoka indicated on the social network X that the number of users of these wallets reached a maximum level, reaching 28 million.

Matsuoka has cited data from the State of Crypto Index, which shows preference towards the MetaMask Mobile, CoinbaseWallet and TrustWallet platforms.

In his post, he referred to this record growth in the number of cryptocurrency mobile wallet users as a good indicator of improvements in the user experience.

The preferred platforms in this segment concentrate the majority of users. “However, newer mobile wallets, such as Phantom, have grown the most in recent months.”

The portal, for its part, estimates that there are 580 million cryptocurrency owners globally, “which means it is possible to increase the total number of mobile wallet users by more than 20 times from the existing number of crypto asset owners.”


Source: cripto247

(Reference image source: Brian J. Tromp in Unsplash)

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