The Las Meninas tour begins in Bancamiga Altamira

The works Queen Deyna, Orquídea and Toucan will initially be in Caracas and then will travel to other cities in the interior

As of this Friday, three of the meninas of the Venezuelan plastic artist Antonio Azzato are in the vicinity of the headquarters of the Bancamiga Altamira agency.

This is Queen Deyna, which pays tribute to the soccer player and ambassador of this institution Deyna Castellanos; Orchid, inspired by our national flower, and Toucan, a brightly colored bird with a large beak, which lives mainly in our tropical forests.

The executive president of Bancamiga, Ariel Martínez, said that leaving these three works in the open allows Venezuelans to come at any time to take photographs, have a different experience with art and share with these Azzato creations.

“Our plans are to move the Queen Deyna, Orquídea and Tucán meninas to some inland cities, where Bancamiga has its headquarters. That is a way that other Venezuelans can also enjoy these beautiful creations, which during the months of January and February they dressed, along with 16 others, iconic places in the Chacao municipality.”

The Meninas Caracas Gallery exhibition at the beginning of the year was inspired by the Meninas Madrid Gallery exhibition, whose first edition was held in 2018, after Azzato spent almost 10 years studying the main work of the Spanish painter Diego Velázquez, Las Meninas (1656).

Come to the Bancamiga agency in Altamira, take a photo with the Meninas and spend a special moment with your friends and family!

With information and images provided by Bancamiga Banco Universal

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