The job market in the metaverse will be more efficient

The metaverse continues to grow and it is estimated that in the future the labor market will be more efficient and systematic for employees and employers

The metaverse continues to popularize and grow in both the public and private sectors, and the job market is expected to become more efficient, systematic, and affordable for the employees and employers that make up that world.

According to the CIO of the Transforma People & Performance consultancy, Tatiany Melecchi, the metaverse is transforming people’s lives because it is innovating in the sources of employment and optimizing existing jobs around the world.

In Melecchi’s opinion, while people think about the future of work after the pandemic, the “metaverse is gradually becoming part of our reality” and believes that the “future of the job market in the metaverse is more efficient, orderly and economic for employees and employers.”

An investigation carried out by the Indeed portal, between November 2020 and November 2021, concluded that job advertisements where the term “Metaverse” is mentioned increased by 1,042 % during that period.

Challenges and obstacles of the metaverse

The Melecchi consultancy considers that for the implementation of the metaverse it is essential to face and overcome some challenges and obstacles such as the creation and adaptation of workplaces enabled for the metaverse. Employers need to rise to the challenge and embrace and invest in these kinds of advancements.

From her perspective, the metaverse poses some problems that currently cannot be addressed with the existing legal norms. Hence, the need and importance of “discussing and clarifying jurisdictional issues, the risks to confidential information and its security, in addition to the employment situation and working time within this digital universe.”

The World Economic Forum report noted that the metaverse could “eliminate 85 million jobs in the next few years. However, the estimated demand for the metaverse will be higher as there are an estimated 97 million new functions created by the emerging technology, which includes everything related to the blockchain and the metaverse.

“These jobs would largely be in areas like digital marketing, business development and data analysis, which tend to require creative and critical thinking skills,” Melecchi said.

Another challenge to overcome, especially in Latin America, is the quality of the Internet and the configurations used. “The Metaverse will rely heavily on high-speed internet connectivity, quality graphical visualization, sensors and actuators to capture the movement of users, in addition to the high cost of virtual reality hardware, sensors and devices. and augmented reality.

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