The EU proposes a prize for video games

The organization is aware of the importance of the video game sector, which is why it proposed the creation of an annual award

The European Union (EU) is aware of the social and economic value of video games, especially those that are developed online, and in addition to demanding greater protection for their users, the European Parliament proposed the organization of annual online video game awards.

In a report approved this week by 577 votes in favor, the MEPs collected different proposals and claims for the video game sector, which in addition to being “very innovative” directly employs more than 90,000 people in the European Union.

They also represent “a crucial part of the cultural and creative ecosystem, since they represent more than 50% of the added value of the overall market for audiovisual content in the EU.”

For this reason, they seek to reinforce the protection of users of online video games and guarantee a safe gaming environment, through greater transparency regarding the content and purchase policies of the products or the age group to which they are directed.

They emphasize that video game developers must refrain from promoting addiction and must take into account the age, rights and vulnerabilities of children, as stated in the text approved by the European Parliament.


Source: Gameindustry

(Reference image source: freepik)

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