The Colombian air regulator agreed to the integration of Viva Air and Avianca

La Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia aprobó esta semana la fusión de ambas aerolíneas, bajo ciertas condiciones específicas

The Civil Aeronautics of Colombia approved the integration of the airlines Viva Air and Avianca, in an operation that is subject to a series of conditions. Specifically, the companies will be obliged to respect the rights of Viva Air users who saw their flights cancelled, and they will be asked for a commitment to refund the tickets to the passengers and that those who have reservations pending execution are allowed to fly.

On the other hand, the approval is conditional on the maintenance of Viva Air’s “low cost” scheme, as an option that materializes alternatives for users of the air transport service, especially on those routes served only by this airline. In this line, the Aeronautics requested that an effective rate ceiling be maintained on those routes where the integrated entity remains with 100 % participation.

With regard to the slots, their return was requested, with the aim of guaranteeing competition conditions through efficient use of the infrastructure of El Dorado Airport (the main one in Colombia, located in Bogotá).

Likewise, the resulting entity will have to return the frequency of the Bogota-Buenos Aires routes, which is “particularly impacted.” The objective is to have the least possible effect on the supply of tickets and to open up the possibility of entry to new competitors.

Source: dpa

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