Japanese startup seeks to convert smartphones data into money

Through Module, unused storage capacity could be transformed into Bitcoin and then into FIAT money

Thousands of insurance smartphone users count on their device with unused storage capacity. Through the Japanese startup Module, this space could be transformed into bitcoin and then into FIAT money for the benefit of customers.

The rise of cryptocurrencies has driven the development of practical innovations, which provide the public with solutions for daily life or processes that until now require a lot of time or bureaucratic paperwork.

The startup Module, developed in Japan, is designed to track unused or dormant storage capacity in cell phones of at least 32GB. When you identify it, you can transform it into virtual assets. That is, real money.

The users of Module will receive payments first in tokens that later would pass to bitcoin and then to FIAT money or currencies used in the whole world.

To grant the compensation three aspects have been taken into account, which are space, time and transaction. Of course, to be benefited with these payments, users have to install Module on their smartphones.


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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