Telegram integrates native payments with providers like Stripe

The latest update includes native support for payments through merchant-customer chats

Telegram has introduced native payments in the messaging application through credit card with third-party providers such as Stripe, along with new web versions of the service that do not need installation.

Support for payments has been active in Telegram since 2017 through bots. The latest update to the application introduces native support for payments through merchant-customer chats, as the company reports on its blog.

For payments, Telegram has integrated the services of eight external providers, such as Stripe or Payme. There is also the option for buyers to add a tip. They are available in both the mobile and web version.

Voice chats also have news. Administrators can schedule one of these chats for a specific day and time, which will display a countdown at the top of the chat.

Mini-profiles have also been introduced, allowing you to enter a photo and a biography that other voice chat users can refer to in order to find out who else is participating.

Source: dpa

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