Technological solutions for water treatment and recovery

The NextGen international project seeks to promote the use of new technologies in the processing and sustainable use of water

Water, a fundamental resource for life on the planet, is the starting point of the NextGen initiative, promoted by the Eurecat-CTM technology center and the Catalan Water Agency, but which brings together more than thirty organizations from Europe, India, China and Korea.

The project is based on the use of new technologies for the process of treatment and recovery of water resources, optimization of distribution and increase in availability. It also focuses on the promotion of sustainable use through innovative campaigns that include serious games to involve the community and blur prejudices.

The initiative calls for specialists from various companies, universities and technology centers from eight countries and six European cities to present their technological proposals for the reuse of water and to extend the use of water sources.

NextGen does not neglect research and mechanisms to raise awareness about the importance of water. This leads to what is known as the circular economy, in which Europe is a pioneer and which consists of recovering, refining and reusing the resource.

The Eurecat-CTM technology center is committed to the application of new business models for water management, aimed at finding effective and operational solutions at local, regional and applicable to the rest of the continents.



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