Spotify offers service in Venezuela

Spotify streaming music platform added the South American country to its list of clients

The streaming music platform Spotify offers service in Venezuela since this Tuesday, November 16. Users can register from a local IP and have different plans, according to their possibilities and preferences.

The news was made known through his Twitter account by the journalist specializing in telecommunications, Arnaldo Espinoza. He stressed that from approximately 7:00 p.m. this Tuesday the Spotify service is active in Venezuela under the business model called freemium.

“It consists of offering a free basic service with advertising and another service with a paid subscription. The latter has additional features, such as better audio quality, free of advertising and unlimited use,” Espinoza stressed.

Once the user opens an account on the platform, the specifications for enjoyment, payment methods and plans are displayed. You can select the individual, duo, family or Premium plan for students.

Spotify, a company founded in Sweden in 2006, now has a presence in Venezuela, a country that joins the extensive list of clients around the world.


With information from news agencies

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