Spain creates the Military School of Cyber ​​Operations

The Ministry of Defense of Spain announced the creation of the first Military School of Cyberoperations, which will impart knowledge on security in cyberspace

Spain announced the creation of the first Military School of Cyber ​​Operations, under the tutelage of the Defense Staff, with teaching staff specialized in knowledge of cyberspace security.

For Spain, all aspects related to activities in cyberspace are essential, particularly vulnerability and its impact on the security of individuals and the nation.

The ministerial order for the creation of the Military School of Cyberoperations, which came into force this Wednesday, is part of the National Cybersecurity Strategy launched in 2019.

The preamble of the order states: “Security in cyberspace is a priority objective to guarantee National Security and a competence of the State to create a digital society based on trust.”

In cyberspace, “Spain defends its vision and interests as a nation and contributes to the joint effort of the international community in its commitment to an open, plural and secure cyberspace.”


Source: businessinsider

(Reference image source: Sigmund, Unsplash)

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