Reddit will include NFTs on its platform

The Reddit website is working on the implementation of NFTs as profile images and offering information to users who view it, following Twitter decision

Reddit is developing a project that aims to recognize NFTs within its platform; that is, establish NFTs as profile images and verify their possession, following in the footsteps of the instant messaging social network Twitter.

The project is in its initial phase for which many details are not known. However, the website has confirmed that it is “working to implement any NFT as a profile picture, be it from the ethereum, solana or other network.”

The possibility that the company starts with its own NFTs and thus be able to reward their beneficiaries is also being handled.

Reddit is currently not offering its NFT implementation system to users, as it would be reserved for internal developer testing. The expectations are that the system works in a similar way to that of Twitter, linked to “a wallet and recognizing the ownership of the asset.”

The forum would also provide NTF information to non-possessing users such as its rarity, the network on which it is hosted or its protocol of use.

NFT collection on Reddit

Reddit already has a first experience with NTFs, during 2021 the website launched its “limited NFT collection called CryptoSnoos”, honoring its iconic mascot Snoo. The collection established different models of Snoo characterized by a “genome system such as common, rare or legendary”. This collection was made through the Ethereum network.

It is estimated that the implementation of the NFTs on Reddit will be a matter of time because with the broadcast of its collection the interest in them was evidenced.

M. Rodríguez


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