PS VR successor will arrive in 2022

Sony is preparing to launch the next Virtual Reality model for PlayStation next year

Sony plans to launch the second model of its Virtual Reality device for PlayStation VR video games next year, for which it will use OLED panels manufactured by the Samsung Display unit.

The new generation of PlayStation VR, which will succeed the viewer model launched in 2016 by the company, advances towards Sony’s plans to reach the market by Christmas 2022, as reported by sources rerlated to the company.

The current model of PlayStation VR, composed of two controls and a Virtual Reality viewer, uses a panel manufactured by Samsung Display with OLED technology, a material with greater energy efficiency since it allows the black pixels of the screen to be turned off.

The next version of the PlayStation Virtual Reality viewer arriving in 2022 will repeat technology and also use OLED panels supplied by Samsung’s display manufacturing unit, according to Bloomberg.

K. Tovar

Source: Hipertextual

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