Papa John’s earnings doubled in 2019

The pizza chain entered a total of 4.86 million dollars last year due to the new strategies applied by the company

The US pizza chain Papa John’s accounted for an attributed net profit of $ 4.86 million in 2019, which is equivalent to doubling the profits obtained during the previous year.

“The company’s new priorities and a winning and more inclusive culture are driving our members to innovate in our products and marketing, increase sales, improve efficiencies and achieve better results,” said the president and CEO of the firm, Rob Lynch.

The turnover until December stood at 1,619 million dollars, 2.6% less. Of that figure, 652 million dollars came from restaurants under direct operation, 5.8% less, while the supply chain to franchised stores in North America registered 612 million dollars.

Commissions charged to franchisees reached 72 million dollars, 8.9% less, while international turnover was 103 million dollars, 6.4% less.

The expenses of the own establishments contracted 8.8%, up to 526 million dollars, while the cost of the supply chain was 569 million dollars, 1% less.

K. Tovar

Source: Bolsamania

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