PagoDirecto continues to innovate for all Venezuelans

The platform will install digital parking meters, which will facilitate the payment process for Venezuelans

After 72 years, PagoDirecto brings to Venezuela a solution that will provide greater order, security and will favor vehicular circulation in the main municipalities of the country.

The digital parking meters that will be installed in each municipality will allow payments to be made without the need to use cash or cards, the process is carried out only from the mobile phone or through Bancamiga points of sale in allied businesses.

An initiative and service of PagoDirecto
An initiative and service of PagoDirecto

To use the digital parking meter, you can use it through geolocation, QR code scanning which indicates the signage or write the parking meter number in which you are located, once selected you can configure your length of stay and make the corresponding payment.

If necessary, you can extend the time of stay directly from your phone. This innovative tool comes to the country thanks to the general director and founder of PagoDirecto, Mark Strasser, and his brother Axel Strasser, Co-founder and COO of the company, who maintain that thanks to the implementation of these parking meters they will promote vehicular order in areas or spaces where parking was prohibited and will grant greater security to vehicles that use this digital service.

Continue bringing technological solutions

“We continue to bet on Venezuela and continue building the country, we have dedicated ourselves for a long time to the parking area, for this reason we decided to continue bringing technological solutions to each one of the Venezuelans.” says Mark Strasser.

The company aims for this tool to facilitate the use of parking meters throughout the national territory, where they, as technology providers, offer the different municipalities of the country this digital solution that is easy to implement and has great potential.

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With information from PagoDirecto

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