North Carolina to ban cryptocurrency payments to State agencies

Cryptocurrency payments to the state or state agencies in North Carolina will be prohibited, according to a bill filed with the General Assembly

A bill submitted to the North Carolina General Assembly seeks to ban cryptocurrency payments to state agencies.

For the drafting of the bill, two important concepts have been taken into account: cryptocurrency and state agency.

According to the instrument, crypto assets are considered a “digital or virtual currency that is based on cryptography to make transfers and a decentralized network to record transactions.” At the same time, an agency is defined as “any institution, office, board, commission, official or political subdivision of the State”.

The bill, which is called “No Cryptocurrency Payments to the State”, was initially aimed at preventing the use of CBDCs in North Carolina. However, the final wording includes cryptocurrencies, and more directly bitcoin.

It is appropriate to remember that other states in the US have been giving us something to talk about in terms of promoting or prohibiting cryptocurrencies, as well as mining.

In early April, the Texas Senate passed Bill 1751 to restrict the operations of bitcoin miners. This is one of the most rigorous positions on this matter.


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