MicroStrategy board of directors will receive salaries payment in Bitcoin

The payment to directors will be nominally US dollar and at the time of payment it will be converted into bitcoin

The board of directors of the analytics software company MicroStrategy has announced the payment to its board with bitcoin, as reported by the CEO of the company Michael Saylor.

According to the press release, the benefit will only be applied to directors who were classified as non-employees, this due to the modification made by the board of directors to “compensation agreements.” In this sense, the directors who are under this administrative figure will receive “all fees.”

For its part, the council showed its faithful commitment to the popular cryptocurrency, “given its ability to serve as a store of value, supported by a robust architecture and public open source, without ties to sovereign monetary policy.”

The document specifies that by virtue of said agreement, there will be no variations in the amount to be canceled and it will be nominally denominated in US dollars.

At the time of payment, the fees will be converted from USD to bitcoin and then deposited into the digital wallet of the corresponding non-employee director.


Source: decrypt

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