Microsoft works on the labor metaverse development

Bill Gates considers that the labor metaverse is quite close and virtual meetings will go from 2D cameras to a 3D space with digital avatars

Microsoft is designing a work metaverse so that workers and employers can attend their work meetings without the need to be physically present. This was reported by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates through his personal blog.

The publication is part of a reflection made by the billionaire on the future of teleworking and the changes it will undergo as a result of metaverses. Gates believes that the coronavirus radically changed the work process. Now people do not have to attend their jobs, to the point that companies that never considered that option for their employees now work remotely.

According to the co-founder of Microsoft “these changes will only intensify in the coming years and teleworking will attract more and more people to the metaverse” to the point that in the next 2 or 3 years “most virtual meetings will pass from the grids of 2D camera images, to the metaverse, a 3D space with digital avatars.”

Developing the labor metaverse

For Gates, telecommuting limits spontaneous interaction between workers. However, thanks to the metaverse it will be possible, using 3D graphics, “to meet other people in a virtual space that reproduces the experience of being with them in the same place” through personalized avatars.

Last month the tech giant announced its procedure to introduce virtual reality and augmented reality equipment into its Teams video conferencing and teamwork service.


On the other hand, the furor stimulated by the metaverse is prompting different investors to acquire digital real estate. One of the companies is Republic Realm which disclosed the purchase of digital land in the Sandbox for about 4.3 million dollars.

M. Rodríguez


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