Microsoft will integrate AI chatbot into its business software suite

The tool will integrate the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT into Microsoft 365

Microsoft announced the integration of its business software suite, Microsoft 365, with next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Copilot, based on the OpenAI Large Language Model (LLM), which underpins the popular chatbot, GPT-4.

Copilot technology will enable Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook users to edit, summarize, create and compare documents more efficiently, and AI assistants will be able to generate full documents and slideshows. Microsoft expects this integration to revolutionize the way millions of people work every day, and expects to roll out the technology in its core applications in the coming months.

Although the company has recognized that the technology is not perfect and that it is necessary for humans to control the process and use of content.

The news comes after the release of OpenAI’s GPT-4 and the debut of Microsoft’s generative AI-powered chat tool, Bing.

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Source: Diariobitcoin

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