Microsoft at war with Sony

Microsoft's communications director accused the Asian company of giving incorrect information to the EU about the purchase of Activision Blizzard

Microsoft Communications Director Frank Shaw has accused Sony of giving information that is “nothing further from the truth” to European regulatory authorities in Brussels about Call of Duty parity if the Xbox maker buys Activision. Blizzard.

Microsoft reached an agreement at the beginning of 2022 with the video game developer Activision to carry out its purchase for around 60.3 billion dollars. Since then, Sony, the maker of Xbox’s main competitor platform, has spoken out against this acquisition, alleging that it could result in a monopoly for Microsoft in the video game sector.

Sony also stresses that this purchase could endanger the maintenance of the games published by Activision Blizzard on PlayStation. Games like Call of Duty, one of the most successful of this developer and of the video game industry.

However, Microsoft confirmed in December last year that it was offering Sony a contractual agreement to keep the Call of Duty franchise available on the Japanese manufacturer’s console for ten years. This agreement would be part of an attempt by Microsoft to avoid blocks from the competent regulatory bodies in several countries, which are currently investigating the purchase of the developer. Among them, the United States and the European Union.

Now, Shaw said, Sony has been informing authorities in Brussels that Microsoft “is not willing to offer them Call of Duty parity” if they acquire Activision Blizzard, to which he has responded that “nothing could be further from the truth.” and has been referred to the contract offered to Sony.

“We have made it clear that we have offered Sony a ten-year contract to give them parity in time, content, functions, quality, gameplay and any other aspect of the game,” Microsoft’s director of Communications said on Twitter.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Alexander Cifuentes, Unplash)

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