Meta announced new functions in calls through WhatsApp

WhatsApp users will soon have a simpler and more fun way to make calls on computers and mobile phones. According to Meta's announcement, up to 32 people can participate, add more participants and share screen and audio

Meta promises announced news in WhatsApp video calls. Users will be able to share screen and video, as well as add more participants and highlight the caller, among others.

According to the parent company of the instant messaging application, the new features will apply to the calling section on computers and cell phones. The company highlighted that “there are several modifications and that one of these improvements is focused on integrating all users into a call with the screen sharing option with audio, which allows users to watch videos simultaneously and share the audio when the screen is shared.”

In the announcement, Meta noted that users can make a call with up to 32 participants, “in which the keynote speaker role was added,” so that participants identify who is speaking.

The security issue for WhatsApp has also been improved, according to Meta spokespersons, for greater peace of mind for users.


Source: ambito

(Reference image source: Surface in Unsplash)

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