Marriages and trials can be done in the metaverse

Un ministro de Singapur aseguró que esto se podrá llevar a cabo sin ningún tipo de problema dentro del metaverso

In the future it is planned that legal procedures such as marriages, litigation in court and government services can be carried out within the same metaverse.

This was stated by a minister of the Singapore government, named Edwin Tong, who argued that it may even be possible to carry out intimate events with a high level of personalization such as the solemnization of marriages.

“It would not be unthinkable that, in addition to marriage registration, other government services could soon be accessible online through the metaverse” Town said.

The minister used as an example a possible legal dispute related to an accident at a construction site, which could be seen in three dimensions through a virtual platform, using augmented reality as a channel.

“You can go into the actual tunnel or oil containment facility to see the construction conflict from an augmented reality perspective, depicting real space,” Town detailed.

K. Tovar

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Source: Cointelegraph

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