Mark Zuckerberg will not leave his post on Facebook

During an interview with CNN, the CEO of the social network indicated that in his head "it does not make sense" to leave his position

Despite all the scandals in which the social network Facebook has been involved, the current CEO Mark Zuckcerberg said he has no intention of leaving his post.

This was indicated in an interview with CNN, where he said that “that is not the plan” and that this idea “does not make sense” for him.

During the conversation, the problem regarding the safety of the social network was also addressed, which Zuckerberg minimized by ensuring that he does not know for sure if the reports issued are correct.

“If you look at our current management team, it is very different from what we had at the beginning of the year.” In terms of product and engineering, we have completely restructured everything”, said the CEO of Facebook.

The only way in which Zuckerberg leaves his position is by own decision, in view that he owns 60% of the actions of the company.

K. Tovar

Source: FayerWayer

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