Maduro ordered the allocation of funds for community projects

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, gave the order for the allocation of resources for community projects, within the framework of the National Popular Consultation

Nicolás Maduro announced that he gave the order to allocate economic resources for community projects in order to strengthen the productive nature of the communes, within the framework of the National Popular Consultation.

The president of Venezuela indicated that he will continue to promote the country’s new diversified economic model with this allocation of money.

The president ordered that “the deposits be made to all communal circuits for the projects approved” in the National Popular Consultation on April 21.

Likewise, he called for “promoting the new national economic model” by deepening community consultations, “prioritizing direct democracy, deepening the construction of a new National Public Health System and the emergence of a new diversified economic model to satisfy internal needs.” from the country.”

Maduro emphasized that support must be maintained for the construction of a new health system, the recovery of hospitals, “the CDI, Barrio Adentro, with the Bricomiles.”

Regarding the promotion of a new diversified economic model, the head of state commented on the experience he lived in the state of Trujillo, where he confirmed an overproduction of agricultural products that must be placed in other markets.


Source: ultimasnoticias

(Reference image source: @ConMaduroMas_, X)

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